Ayurvedic remedies and self care

Ayurveda translates as “science of life.” A holistic medical system, Ayurveda is a science of self healing with the goal to relieve diseases of body and mind, restoring wholeness. It encompasses healing methods that include diet, herbs, exercise and life-style changes, pranayama (breathing) and meditation, yoga asanas, etc. 

Here’s a few Ayurveda remedies or tools:

Support yourself at the start of the day with an Ayurvedic self-massage called “abhyanga.”  Abhyanga is usually done in the morning before a bath or shower using a cured oil, such as sesame, almond, or other natural oil. This nourishing daily practice is both grounding and rejuvenating.  It has a wealth of benefits including calming the nerves, lubricating joints, increasing circulation, and much more.  Not to mention lustrous skin.  Here’s the “how to.”  

Garshana is dry brushing of the skin. Dry brushing feels great, improves blood flow helping to clear the lymphatic system, and leaves you with glowing skin. It also helps slough off sluggishness in the mind—bringing a sense of calm and well being. Read my post on it.   

This herbal supplement is a super concentrated form of Vitamin C and nutritive herbs. In my experience, it's fabulous for helping to stave off colds and keep the immune system vibrant. According to the Himalayan Institute (which is the brand I choose), in ancient Ayurvedic texts Chyawanprash is described as "a synergy of specifically selected herbs and fruits in a nutritive tonic. The principal herb Amla (Amalaki) is one of the world's most concentrated naturally occurring sources of antioxidant Vitamin C." A spoonful a day supports all doshas. 

This is simply applying an herbal-infused oil in to the nostrils. Since the nose is the doorway to the brain, it has the benefit of creating a sense of calm and clarity in the mind.  It also relieves dryness in the nasal passages, allergy and cold symptoms, and headaches.  This is a personal favorite in my daily routine with benefits that build over time.  Learn more

Neti Wash:
A nasal wash for the nostrils using saline water and a device that looks like a gravy boat, called a Neti pot. Visit the Himalayan Institute to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the use and benefits of the neti pot (and more) including FAQs, video demo, and the science to back up its effectiveness in reducing allergies, chronic sinus problems, and dry nose.  Plus, Dr. Oz and Oprah recommend it—oh, and Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. It’s a lot less disgusting than it sounds.

Yoga literally translates as “union,” “to yoke,” or unite. Yoga is a science of Self-realization.  Its goal is to bring us back, or unite us with our divine Self. 
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